Kibidula Farm Institute (legally registered in Tanzania as: “Family Development International”) is situated in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, Eastern Africa, near the small town of Mafinga at an altitude of 1’900 m above sea level.

Kibidula Map

Drive on the T1 from Dar to Iringa and continue towards Mbeya. About 25 km after Mafinga, at the end of a straight stretch, there is a very well worn road before the main road goes downhill.  There are also some forest signs at this road.  Turn RIGHT onto this dirt road, after 2 km there is a Kibidula sign which tells you to turn left. After 10 km you leave the forest and reach the Kibidula property border, marked by a line of big Eucalyptus trees. As you continue on this road, you will see the Swahili sign “ofisi ya Kibidula.”  Turn left here. You will continue on this road until it ends into another road.  Turn left.  The first two houses on the right after getting on this new road are the offices.

GPS location:
35°04′ to 35°07′ East
8°25′ to 8°27′ South