Kibidula Report at ASI August 2017

Antionette Fournier gave a great overview of Kibidula’s missionary work here in Tanzania, along with special emphasis for the Agriculture School Program’s need to expand to help more high-risk female youth.

June 2017 Agriculture School Graduation

The Agriculture Schools graduation ceremony had many visitors including parents, government officials from several places, and even business people. We heard a wonderful testimony from one business man who previously hired a graduate from our school. He was asked by another business person about getting a very dependable worker. He allowed the […]

New Swahili Books – Selling out fast!

The new Swahili books that were just printed have been very well received. Some are already completely sold out within the very first month! The new books include Swahili versions of Steps to Christ (100,000) Victory in Christ, and a wonderful health booklet called You Turn by Dr. Diehl & Aileen Ludington. […]

E-Newsletters available

If you would like the latest reports from Kibidula, please consider subscribing to our “monthly” newsletter.  We try to submit a report every month.  Everyone is so busy doing the work, that sometimes it is very challenging to get people to stop long enough to report about the work they are doing.  […]

Internet at the Mission Post

In the last several weeks, we have had a big surprise.  We now have a few places here and there where we can get faster internet through the local cellphone towers. With this improved internet, we no longer have to drag our electronics to town in hopes of good internet and a […]