Service Opportunities

Long Term Missionaries

* Accountant
* Administrative Secretary
* Avocado Farm Manager
* Communication (Web design, Radio and TV programming)
* Pilot/Aircraft mechanic
* Translator/Editor for Swahili books

Kibidula Cafeteria



Student Missionary Program

Many young people are interested in active mission work and are looking for the challenge of a cross-cultural experience. This interest in mission work is encouraged by providing a platform for practical mission experiences. Kibidula offers many possibilities for serving the needs of the Tanzanian people. We look at our student missionary program as a ministry, one which has the potential to strengthen, challenge, and inspire. We hope to motivate student missionaries to return to their home churches with eagerness and a vision to continue working for God, wherever they are.



Are you interested?

Please read the Information page, fill out our contact sheet, and return it attached via email to
kibidula [at] gmail [dot] com.