Avocado Farm

Kibidula Avacado Farm Kibidula Avacado Farm Kibidula Avacado Farm

All the various programs to win souls for Jesus cost money.  It is our goal at Kibdiula to become truly self supporting.  We believe the time is coming when support from outside will no longer be possible.  With this in mind, there has been a lot of effort to establish an avocado export business, so we can have the funds needed for the various projects of the mission.  Over the last three years an additional 80 acres of avocado orchard have been added.  These trees have been grown and grafted by our own avocado team.  The Kibidula Avocado Farm breeds several great varieties of Avocados including Hass, Fuerte, and Ikulu.  We are in the process of test a few other varieties also.  Our main focus is Hass Avocado production.  Avocado trees grow and produce very well in the conditions found at Kibidula.  The project previously had approximately 1,800 trees and started taking avocados to the market in 2012.  The project continues to expand. Since 2012 we have added and addition 80 acres of new avocado trees.  We expect to see some harvest from the new fields as early as 2018.  This is an earnest effort on the part of Kibidula to become self-supporting in its mission of spreading the Gospel to Tanzania and beyond.

Selling grafted seedlings has become an industry for us also.  The demand continues to be greater than our ability to supply.  We have been blessed with support from mission partners to enlarge our fields, add greenhouses and irrigation to this project.  As we are faithful and God blesses, this project should put us in a position of being fully self-funded in the next few years.

Below is pictured our Avocado Farm Team and a handful of big beautiful avocados that were picked April 2013.