Lay Missionaries

After seeing a big need of reaching the remote villages in the local district with the Gospel, Kibidula sent out a first group of 9 lay missionaries in 1995. Since then the work has steadily grown, in 2017 we have 26 lay missionaries working in un-reached areas of Tanzania where there is no church presence.

Lay Missionaries of Kibidula

These missionaries often face privation and sometimes danger as they labor in especially difficult areas of the country.

2012 Year End report:

At the end of 2012 Kibidula had 32 active lay missionaries in the field, working areas where the church has not been established.  They held 5 public evangelism campaigns, had 7 special guest Sabbaths, and completed 3 house-to-house campaigns of visitations in the Rukwa zone.  As a result of the work, 290 people got baptized.  There were 394 people studying the Bible with our lay evangelists, and there are now 652 church members in their areas of work.  God really blessed their work in these very difficult work locations.  We praise the Lord for the harvest of hearts for Him.

The missionaries struggled with many hardships over the last year, including illness, sick spouses, death of a parent, lack of food, persecution, and resistance from native religions. We praise the Lord for those that continued strong against much trial in efforts to share the love of Jesus.

2011 Year End report:

The report for the end of 2011 revealed that there were 32 lay missionaries in the field, working the unestablished areas in Southern Tanzania.  There were 330 people that accepted Jesus as their Savior and followed Him in baptism (that is an average of 13.2 people per missionary, in hard to work areas!)  There were 283 people doing Bible studies.

Portable/rechargeable DVD players and the New Beginnings evangelism DVDs in English and Swahili were made available to the evangelist so that they can do “mini-evangelism” series, even in a person’s home without the large crowd/expenses/preparations/and opposition!

The major challenges this year is that there are many more unreached villages needing workers, prices of supplies especially food cost has increased very much causing a lack of food for many evangelists, many suffered from various diseases, and there was a lot of opposition in areas with anti-Christian religions.

2010 Report:

By God’s power 216 people accepted Jesus in 2010 through the work of our lay missionaries. Our missionaries are nurturing a total of 451 church members in their places and they are studying the Bible with a total of another 424 people. Their main activities are house-to-house visitations and public meetings.
The plan is for a total of 30 series to be held in the 4 regions during this year. From June 20 to July 3, 2011, there will be a 2-weeks seminar held at Kibidula for our lay missionaries. The guest teachers will be from L.I.G.H.T (Lay Institute for Global Health Training). At the same time, the lay missionaries will submit their six months’ work reports.
7 lay missionaries are currently working in the neighboring villages of Kibidula, preparing people for the up-coming meetings which will be held by the ASI Czech-Slovakia group in August 2011. The long term plan is to assure that the church plant groups have been supported by a lay missionary for at least 5 years before they become churches and thus stable enough to sustain themselves. We need your prayers for the work of our lay missionaries, especially in Muslim areas. The lay missionaries are thankful for the financial support they get, as it is often challenging to live in remote areas. Living costs have gone up; they face challenges of climate, tropical diseases like malaria or getting good education for their older children.

Lay Missionaries of Kibidula Lay Missionaries of Kibidula Lay Missionaries of Kibidula


Prison work
Prison ministry started in 2005. Kibidula has been supporting prison work in three regions and witnessed many prisoners coming to Jesus. Part of the work is to distribute Bibles, Bible study guides, but also essentials such as clothes and soap to the inmates.

In the year 2010, 92 prisoners accepted Jesus Christ as their Sin-Bearer and Savior!

2011: 10 prisons were visited, 42 accepted Jesus as their Lord, and 164 were going through the Voice of Prophecy study lessons

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Blessings to you!

Watson Kiwovele, Lay missionary coordinator