One-Day Church

Kibidula One Day Church

Kibidula has had the privilege of being part of the One-Day-Church program where a church structure is literally built in just one day. Sponsored by ASI USA and Maranatha, this program is special in that it does not eliminate the local congregation from being part of building their own church.  This project provides the help specifically needed by most rural congregations, which is that they are simply unable to afford the roof.  Made of high quality steel and covered with durable as well as attractive AluZinc roofing sheets, this pole type structure is put up in a matter of hours and leaves the congregation free to build the walls from whatever building materials are locally available, be it baked mud bricks, split bamboo or wood.
With the crew headed by Jason Fournier and Bill Ross, a total of 128 churches (including some classrooms) were built in 2010. A total of 176 structures have been built through the year 2012.  Kibidula expects to build another 120 more over the next year.  The local team has become expert at quickly and effectively raising these churches.

Kibidula One Day Church Kibidula One Day Church