Primary School

Iva Werner Primary School, Kibidula

The Iva Werner Primary School was built in 2004, with funding from Mrs. Iva Werner.  In 2007 it was officially registered as a Tanzanian English Medium Primary School. The school has grown steadily, and for the 2017 school year had 148 students ranging from Kindergarten to Standard 7.  (Grades 1-7 are called Standards 1-7 here.)

Iva Werner is a day school targeting staff children from Kibidula and children from the nearby villages. The school strives to give good Christian education, and is based on the principles of the Seventh day Adventist church. The primary goal of the school is to help the children know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Kibidula believes in the principles of true education – education that includes the proper development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers.

Physical Training

Agriculture Program

Students at Iva Werner have always been involved in agriculture, and recently a new agriculture program has been started that will involve the students even more. Eight garden plots (one for each class from Kindergarten through Standard 7) are planted with a variety of vegetables and are completely cared for by all the students. These vegetables are supplied to the kitchen to be used for the school lunches. A field of corn is also planted yearly to provide for the school lunches. Extra vegetables are sold to provide money for new gardening supplies and seeds, and some income for the students.




About 70 avocado trees have been planted, with more fruit trees planned. These will help provide income for the school as it moves toward self-sufficiency.


7 wells with hand pumps provide irrigation for the crops.


The students can learn many academic subjects, such as math and science, in the gardens. They can learn business and accounting skills as they market and sell produce. And they can leave the school with the agriculture skills to enable them to provide food for their families.

Vocational Skills Program

Through the support of generous donations, a new vocational skills building is being constructed at the school. The building will have four workrooms where the students can learn and practice sewing, carpentry, basket and mat weaving, bicycle repair, and other useful trades. These activities help provide a way for the students to apply the academic skills they learn in the classroom. They provide useful work rather than competitive games. These skills are valuable in the lives of native Tanzanians and will be a great blessing to the students both during and after they leave school – helping them earn an income and provide for their families.



Mental Training

Kibidula believes that the proper application of academic skills can help prepare students for adult life and fit them become better workers for the Lord. Iva Werner Primary School maintains high standards of academic training. Recent test scores are some of the highest in the district. Innovative and research-based methods of teaching are used, including subject-integration, age-mixed learning environments, and practical application of concepts. The environment for the younger grades is hands-on and practical.

Kibidula Primary School in Tanzania Africa Kibidula Primary School in Tanzania Africa Kibidula Primary School in Tanzania Africa

Care is taken to teach only truth. The Biblical story of creation is used, rather than the teaching of Evolution. The stories of the Bible, and true history, are taught instead of the myths and legends of ancient societies.

Iva Werner is an English Medium school, meaning most instruction and classes are taught using the English language. This is useful for the children as all secondary schools in Tanzania use English as the main language of instruction.


Spiritual Training

Kibidula firmly believes in the importance of spiritual training for every child, with their eternal salvation in view. Every day begins with Bible class, allowing time for prayer, sharing, and Bible lessons. Biblical principles and spiritual lessons are incorporated into other subjects throughout the day. Teachers strive to have a personal relationship with each student so as to help guide them in their lives and point them to Jesus. Students are encouraged to be unselfish and to have a spirit of service for others.

Each year the staff and students go on a week-long camp with classes 4-7 to different villages to do outreach. The children have a great time, and share programs and services to the community. This experience is a blessing to students as they learn practical service, and a blessing to the people of the villages.


Kibidula and Iva Werner Primary School realizes the importance and responsibility of the task of educating these students for this earth and for eternity. The work is great and the challenges are many, but we trust the Lord will bless as we seek to follow His ways of education. Please keep this school in your prayers.


Teachers: Volunteer English teachers.
Prayer: Please pray for our school.  The work of God goes forward when his people unite in prayer. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work on the heart of each individual child, and for the future of the school.
Mission Partners: Until the school becomes self-funding, donations for the primary school program are still very much in need.  If you are impressed to help make this program continue, please consider becoming one of our mission partners.  We can not do this work alone.

Head Master: Julius Kirway

Principal: Sylvester Temboh