A co-operation agreement with the Tanzania Seventh-day Adventist Church had been worked out to organize book distribution and selling in previous years. Kibidula is now a partner-publisher and wholesaler providing books to the Church’s distribution system (HHES) in northern and southern Tanzania Unions.

Kibidula translates and publishes books and brochures in Swahili about Health and Religion. We have moved away from providing English works as they are available from other publishing houses.  Our main emphasis is placed on the distribution of Swahili publications, especially Bibles.

In 2017, the project of translating the various tracts by GLOW and Pocket Signs was completed.  These tracts were then printed by our very own presses on the mission station.  Thanks to volunteers and mission partners, over 1 million of these tracts were distributed in July of 2017, and thousands more are going out every month.

We have most of our publications printed in Poland at Springs of Life.

In 2017, we had more than 100,000 Swahili Steps to Christ books printed (in cooperation with Ufunuo Publishing House) for distribution in Tanzania.

Another very exciting book that came off the presses in 2017 is the Swahili translation of Dr. Hans Diehl and Dr. Aileen Ludington’s book You Turn.  The book Geuza Mwelekeo wa Afya Yako is one of the most popular books in Tanzania right now.  We hope that through the health message we can help many people physically, and that it will open doors to spiritual matters.

Publishing Director: Jason Fournier

Kibidula Publishing of Books and Pamphlets.Kibidula Publishing of Books and Pamphlets.Kibidula Publishing of Books and Pamphlets.Kibidula Publishing of Books and Pamphlets