School of Agriculture

In 2004 we started an agricultural training program, which serves the educational needs of adolescent villagers of the surrounding area. It is funded primarily by Reach-Switzerland and has an enrollment of 45 students. The aim of this school is to train young people from the local community in agriculture – the ABC of Education. The training equips them with tools that will enable them to improve the local farming economy when they return to their home villages.

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Program outline at the present:
* 2-year program
* Work study training in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
* Additional practical training in carpentry and tailoring
* Trade tests grades III to I from VETA (Vocational Education Authority of Tanzania)

An outstanding feature of this program is the educational housing unit – a dormitory adapted to the educational need of the student – designed to allow cross-cultural exposure and to facilitate agricultural production. These farm units are practically self-supplying.

The activities include:
* Classes in English, General topics, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping, Horticulture
* Practical work: field crops, gardening, beekeeping, keeping of small farm animals
* Seminars on Health and Family life
* Choir, Sports, Devotions

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The school year starts in August, Graduation is mid-June, followed by the entrance interviews for the new intake.






Program director: Edgar Emily Shitundu
Teachers and group leaders:  Julius Lung’ali,