School of Evangelism

With the growing interest in the Gospel in Tanzania on the one side, and the lack of trained pastors on the other side, the schooling of lay evangelists has become a top priority for the Tanzania Union of the SDA Church. To help in this endeavor, Kibidula started its School of Evangelism December 2000. Since then, the school has trained an average of 50-60 students per year. We have had students from all over Tanzania, and some came from as far as Kenya and Congo.

Kibidula Lay Missionary School Kibidula Lay Missionary School Kibidula Lay Missionary School

The program started as a 4-month course in Bible, Evangelism, Health and Agriculture which we run twice a year. It is designed as a work-study program that has a field experience component. The addition of health evangelism and nutrition programs have drawn a lot of attention.  With the help of Riverside Farm Institute (Zambia) and LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training, USA) we have now added a fifth month to each session.  Students can come for the 1-month health evangelism program or the entire 5-month program. We have completed many sessions of health meetings in our local area and at far away locations.   We have added two health teachers which were working with the LIGHT program.  Health evangelism is now a very important section in each of our sessions and our students are gaining experience in  conducting public Health Meetings and how to minister to people’s physical needs which opens their hearts to spiritual help.

We have started the Mobile School Program and have completed initial trainings in many locations including the following: Mbeya, Tanga, Suji, three in Dar es Salaam, Kibigwa, and Liwale.

In the past two years we have seen three conferences picking seven (7) of our former students and making them district pastors.

We are conducting nutrition seminars.  We are grateful to hear attendees and conference leaders ask when we will have the next one.

The team from Ndembela Adventist Secondary School have been on Mission Spotlight  for practicing what they learned at Kibidula.


If you are interested in applying to come to an upcoming training session, please see the following forms for application:

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Special needs:
– Funding for Mobile training (bring short-term training of lay people to different parts of Tanzania)
– Materials (brochures, tracts, magazines related to Health meetings)

School Director: Sylvester Temboh