Wellness Center

At the Wellness Center, Kori Butts and her team are helping numerous people to know how to regain their health.  Through education, encouragement and prayer, we have seen many miracles as God has healed many from various illnesses.  Those who accept and following the information that they learn at the Wellness Center see their blood pressure return to normal, diabetes reverse, heart conditions leave, ability to sleep return, and much more.  We have even seen those with seizure become normal.  If the person really wants to be well, and is wiling to learn and follow the health principles taught at the Wellness Center, by God’s grace, we feel that nothing is impossible.  We have seen God work in might ways.  The Wellness Center is part of the advanced education for the health evangelism portions of the evangelism school training.  Through practical, hands-on training, students can not only hear and read about how to help people, but actually see people get well as they accept and following the health education principles.