Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) causes growth deficiency and abnormally low weight, facial abnormalities, short height, and small head circumference. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol it reaches the baby in 1 minute and may remain for hours. The number one birth defect, probably throughout the whole world, is entirely preventable if pregnant women do not drink! As adults – height and head circumference remain below normal size. It also interferes with the central nervous system and reduces typically the IQ of a person from an early age all the way up to age 24. Significant changes occur in the brain during adolescence and alcohol use can cause lifelong impairment and damage short-term growth processes, over 90% have mental health problems. When older many problems arise regarding functioning in social settings, boys in trouble with the law, and girls with unwanted pregnancies. Difficulties with general intellectual functioning and academic skills include: attention and memory deficits, hyperactivity, difficulty with abstract concepts, poor judgment, immature behavior, delayed reaction time, poor motor skills.