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The Drug-Free Youth Website is brought to you by the WCTU and is all about you! Its goal is to provide you with knowledge to empower yourself, and motivate you to get involved and make a positive difference in your circle of friends and family. Click on the Learn section to find out more, or the Get Involved section to see what you can do to positively impact your community.


Our Mission is to educate all people, with the help of God, to totally abstain from alcohol, illegal and harmful drugs, and tobacco. We want to encourage youth to be drug free, to stand firm on Biblical principles, and to promote healthy living. We have taken the pledge to stay drug free and you can too! We can work together for drug free and healthier lives.


Support productive legislation for women and children;
Take an active role on moral and social issues such as abortion, gambling, pornography, and prostitution;
Support legislative bills at local, district, and national levels that affect the home and the community, such as raising the tax on alcoholic beverages and banning alcohol advertising;
Urge citizen participation in seeking better law enforcement.



the WCTU has been hard at work since the 1800’s, and we are still working towards our vision today.

Young or young at heart, we can make a difference together.




To protect the home and community;
To build public sentiment for sobriety;
To promote good citizenship;
To instil Christian principles into the character of our children;
To inform society about the values of total abstinence by providing scientific facts concerning the nature and effects of alcohol tobacco and other drugs;
To promote just and fair laws

To reach these objectives, the WCTU continues to

Teach the scientific facts about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on the body and in the society;
Promote laws for such teaching throughout society;
Produce teaching aids for use in the classroom and the church;
Distribute films and videotapes;
Conduct alcohol and drug workshops




Industrial advances, growth of cities and colonization in the 19th Century resulted in new social and political ideas. About this same time was the great revival of biblical faith; Increased awareness on human rights,As well as men and women having equal rights. One of these rights is to live in a drug-free family situation. The Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was founded out of feminine indignation for low living standards for women and children, and the crippling hold of alcohol on much of society particularly men.

The American founder of WCTU, Miss Frances Willard, organized an international petition calling for the total abstinence of both individuals and nations. In 1883 – Vision of Frances. Willard led to the forming of the World’s Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. After a visit to the opium dens in San Francisco, California, Frances Willard looked over the Pacific Ocean and commented “but for the intervention of the sea, the shores of China and the Far East would be part and parcel of our fair land. We are one world of tempted humanity; the mission of the white ribbon women is to organize the motherhood of the world for the peace and purity, the protection and exaltation of its homes. We must sound forth a clear call to our sisters across the seas and to our brothers none the less.”

To carry out Willard’s vision, Mary Clement Leavitt accepted the challenge to be the first round the world WWCTU missionary. No salary was promised and she answered that she would take her chances. Leavitt made contacts with missionaries throughout her travels. They welcomed her and arranged meetings for her. In seven years of travel, Leavitt logged 97,308 miles, formed 6,623 Unions and talked in 47 languages through 228 interpreters. Many more missionaries were sent and the Polyglot Petition was circulated through them. The Polyglot Petition was the first world-wide request appealing to world leaders to take a stand against alcohol and opium. Men and women from 50 countries and in almost 50 languages signed the Petition. Over 7,500,000 individuals signed.

About Us
About Us
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